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Sacramental Records of all active parishes are maintained in those parishes. If you need information regarding those records or sacrament certificates, you should contact the parish office directly.

  • St. Thomas sacramental records are located at St. Augustine.
  • Old St. Brigid sacramental records are located at St. Mary, Memphis.

Sacramental record books from St. Anthony of Padua, from St. Joseph Chapel at St. Peter Home and from St. Joseph and St. Francis Hospitals and from campus centers other than Christian Brothers University are in the archives.

If you need a Baptismal or other certificate and information is contained in those registers, that certificate may be issued from the Bishop’s Office.

If you are looking for Sacramental information concerning a relative, for example for genealogical purposes, if the record is more than 75 year old, i.e. prior to 1939, the archivist will try to look up the information for you if you call or e-mail the needed information, as that is considered public information. However, if the information you are seeking is not your own and the event took place in 1939 of afterwards, you should submit your request in writing over your signature (e-mail will not suffice.), explaining the reason for your search and providing a name and address to which the information may be sent and including a day time phone number at which you can be reached should it be necessary to contact you for information. Every effort will be made to respond in a timely fashion.