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We Thank Our Web Site Sponsors!

Dear parishioners and friends of the Catholic Diocese of Memphis in Tennessee,

Anticipating increased communication and new members joining our community, we ask that you please read how you can participate in this partnership to help us continue to expand our internet presence, and lend your support for Catholic Diocese of Memphis in Tennessee!

Through Sponsorship Program you can help us maintain our web site with important information about our community while we help you promote your business!

How it Works

  • Sponsor boxes are filled on a "first come first serve" basis. We can confirm availability after a reservation form is received by our staff.
  • Sponsor rotator boxes are 200 pixels x 120 pixels at 72 dpi. You can design your own box or our staff can design one for you.
  • Your sponsor box can link to an external web site, a PDF, a picture, or a document. Please email all your artwork, graphics, logos, web page links, Word files to . Our staff will create the box and flyers for you.
  • Boxes are reserved for and will run one week at a time. Sponsorship is $15 per week. You may request multiple weeks.
  • You may change your box/ad during your scheduled run if you have purchased multiple weeks.
  • New ads and changes run from Monday through Sunday.
Sample sponsor boxes are at the end of the page.

While everyone enjoys the web site, with community information, sponsors promote their business AND show their support and commitment for our Diocese.

Sponsorship Form

The company, organization, parish, group, committee, person, or agency that's going to pay for this ad.

Have you advertised with us before?

Yes No
How many weeks do you want to run your sponsor box? - - $15/Week -- Accounts are billed monthly. Boxes are updated and a week begins on Mondays.

Which weeks do you want?

Please provide a short, descriptive title for your box. (e.g., "Open House" "Religious Retreat" "Senior Care")
Sponsor Box Special Instructions

If your ad links to an external website, please provide the URL below.
If your ad links to a PDF or picture, we will ask you to email that item separately.