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Ministry with Gay and Lesbian Persons


Director of CMGLP

Msgr. Val Handwerker


The Parent Support Team of the Catholic Ministry with Gay and Lesbian Persons is available to consult with parents by appointment. If you would like to talk to someone in the church about your child’s orientation, the Parent Support Team would be happy to help. Team members can visit with you on the phone, or meet for coffee. Give us a call to set up a time to visit: Steve and Deb Word (901)274-4039 or George and Lorna Horishny (901)726-5335.

The Vision of the Parent Support Group includes:

  • To encourage parents to appreciate and love their gay and lesbian children.
  • To create a safe and confidential environment in which parents of gay and lesbian children can share their experiences in a Catholic context.
  • To engage the larger Catholic community in dialogue about lesbian and gay persons.
  • To encourage parents to accept and explore their own questions as they strive for inner peace.
  • To affirm and communicate the teaching of the Church on sexual morality and conscience.
  • To foster dialogue, work for changes in attitudes and promote the full acceptance of gay and lesbian persons by their parents, by the church and larger community.