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"I am an RCIA sponsor, partly because I know first-hand how the program brings people to Christ. Through RCIA, prayer and study, I answered Christ’s call to become Catholic. On an aside, one my family thinks is humorous - while I quietly attended RCIA, my son was quietly attending RCIA at college in another state. We entered the Church during the same Easter season. And your donations to the Bishop’s Annual Appeal helped by supporting the cost of preparing RCIA teachers - like the teachers who guided my son and me to the sacraments and life in the Church." Mike Anderdeck

"We regularly attend programs supported through the Bishop’s Annual Appeal like the Young Adult Ministry where we connect with others in prayer, fellowship, and service. We also enjoy marriage enrichment events where we meet other couples who offer guidance and strengthen our resolve to protect the sanctity of the beautiful Sacrament of Matrimony. Another important ministry is Natural Family Planning - NFP for short. With NFP we’ve witnessed the effectiveness of both postponing and achieving pregnancy. More than just family planning, NFP helps us to communicate better, authentically love each other, and answer Christ’s call to be open to His will." Sierra and Trey Kallaher

"When I responded to Christ’s call and entered seminary at age 27, I appreciated encouragement from Bishop Steib, my seminary formators and especially from you, the people of God in our parishes. I continue to hear Christ through your reaffirmations as you pray for your priests and encourage new vocations to the priesthood and religious life."
"In the “Our Father” we say “we,” “us, “our,” and “those,” a total of nine times, emphasizing that we are truly connected to others. The Bishop’s Annual Appeal strengthens that connection and desire to love all - Catholics and non-Catholics. Your contributions help the needy, people suffering from addictions, people seeking legal assistance, and immigrants. You also help Catholic school students, catechists, college students, the unborn, and married couples whether young, mature, struggling, or divorced - and seminarians." Fr. Ben Bradshaw

"As a lifelong Catholic and recent Cursillista, I answered Christ’s call to be a parish youth leader and Catechist. The diocesan Department of Catechesis offers programs to prepare me to teach and lead our youth who need us to help them hear Christ during their high school and college years. They also learn to help others by volunteering at the Union Mission, sponsoring food drives for the less fortunate and by collectively donating to Catholic Charities. When our youth answer the call of Christ and help others to hear His call, our youth build strong Catholic identities." Celestine Evans

"We attended a Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekend for the second time in October 2014, and joined a couple’s group after the weekend. At our monthly meetings we find on-going support for building and maintaining our marriage. For many years Marriage Encounter was not available in the diocese, but we were able to answer Christ’s call and were glad to attend Marriage Encounter at the diocesan retreat center. We are very happy that Bishop Steib has brought Marriage Encounter back to our diocese because we believe these weekends and couple’s groups helped our marriage and will benefit others in the future." Gary and Pam Ripberger

"After my 32 year marriage ended painfully in divorce, my compassionate pastor organized a six-week workshop for recently divorced parishioners. That was a start, but not a cure. Two years later, I almost left my Church for a kindhearted Protestant group which accepted divorce more easily. Instead I answered Christ’s call to start a Catholic support group. With diocesan and parish backing, we launched The Catholic’s Divorce Survival Guide to help people ravaged by divorce. A Catholic divorce ministry offers encouragement and spirituality while strengthening our Catholic faith. Donations to the Bishop’s Annual Appeal will help to expand this ministry." Valerie Phillips

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Msgr. Edwin Creary – Chairman

Bishop J. Terry Steib, SVD

Deacon Jeff Drzycimski

Chris Koch

Fr. Patrick Gallagher

Fr. Russ Harbaugh

Deacon Bill Davis

Vince Higgins

Jared Montegut

Amy Singleton

Fr. Jose Cruz

Fr. Dennis Schenkel

Lee Miller III

Through our diocesan ministries, largely supported by our Bishop's Appeal, we can reach so many more people than any one parish or any one individual could on their own.

Revenue generated via the Bishop's Annual Appeal funds both immediate and long-term needs of the diocese. Many ministries and services are currently assisted by the appeal.

Where and how your gifts to the Bishop's Annual Appeal are used:

  • Parish Religious Education for children from grades 1-8 and the administration expenses of the Catholic Schools;
  • Youth and Young Adult programs designed to engage teenagers, college students and young adult parishioners;
  • Education of seminarians and deacons;
  • Family and NFP ministries help to build a solid faith foundation resulting in healthy marriages and families;
  • Adult Spiritual Formation including the RCIA, Divorce and Grief support ministries;
  • Evangelization to share the word of God with Catholics who want to return to their faith home;
  • Our Lady Queen of Peace Retreat Center, a place for reflection and contemplation of our divine creator;
  • Prison Ministry brings Christ to people in need of God's mercy;
  • Villa Vianney for priests in retirement;
  • Catholic Cemeteries, a final resting place on hallowed ground where we await resurrection.

People throughout West Tennessee rely on the Catholic Church for help and assistance. The services and ministries sponsored by the Diocese of Memphis provide the means necessary for those who need help in so many ways. The diocese provides ways for people to get back on their feet, or have the quality education needed for a better future for their children, or the training necessary for building stronger faith communities, or the formation required for preparing strong leadership in our clergy, young people and laity alike.

Pledging over ten months may eliminate any burden to your budget and still allow you to increase your support.

Total Pledged 5 Monthly Payments 10 Monthly Payments
$120.00 $24.00 $12.00
$200.00 $40.00 $20.00
$300.00 $60.00 $30.00
$500.00 $100.00 $50.00
$1,200.00 $240.00 $120.00