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Director of Development

Jim Marconi

(901) 373-1273

Administrative Assistant

Lorena Monge

(901) 373-1209

Provides direction and educational materials on educating Catholics on the Biblical message of Stewardship. The ministerial goal is to assist in implementing an effective stewardship education process to enhance parish life throughout the diocese.

Our Stewardship Education model is made up of three separate, but equal, phases designed to develop good Catholics, good disciples and good parishioners. The three phases in sequential order are: Stewardship of Prayer, Stewardship of Ministry, and Stewardship of Finance.

The Diocese of Memphis is a member of the International Catholic Stewardship Council which offers support to dioceses, individuals and parishes in their efforts to be good stewards of their time, talent and treasure.

Another resource for indepth consideration on Christian stewarship is offered through the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Stewardship of Prayer

Recognizes that to develop a strong relationship with God, we have to dedicate (or be good stewards of) time in prayer. As a result, we become more “in-tune” with God’s presence in our lives.

Stewardship of Ministry

Leads us to steward the gifts given to us by God by giving them back in service and ministry to our parish. Our relationship with God and our fellow parishioners is strengthened by service.

Stewardship of Finance

Teaches us what the bible says about money and possessions. We learn that everything we have is from God, and we should steward all entrusted to us according to His teachings. By putting our Church first in financial matters, we demonstrate our trust in God to provide for our needs.


Download the Stewardship Education Manual