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Jubilee Catholic Schools

Thank you for supporting the Jubilee Catholic Schools Network. Because of committed donors like you, our schools are able to provide students, regardless of family income, an academically rigorous and vibrantly Catholic education that prepares them to become all that they were created to be.

Seven Reasons to Support Jubilee:

  1. You'll be part of the "Miracle in Memphis."
  2. In a 2008 speech, President George W. Bush encouraged "all citizens to find ways they can contribute with their hearts" to support the Jubilee Catholic schools.
  3. With 85% of Jubilee students qualifying as low-income, your contribution fills the gap between what parents can pay and the cost of a private, Catholic education.
  4. Your selfless gift enhances students' spiritual lives and empowers them to become agents of God.
  5. Our schools work: Jubilee students score above the national average in Reading, Language, and Math; Kindergarteners read at the 92nd national percentile.
  6. You'll be happier; a Harvard study* shows that donating even $5 can boost your happiness.
  7. Your gift will make a difference in a student's life and in the Memphis community.

To send a check:

Please make the check out to "Jubilee Catholic Schools Network" and send to:
Attn: Development
61 N. McLean Blvd.
Memphis, TN 38104

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact Heather Fjord
at (901) 373.1210 (O ) .

To donate online:

Please click the "Give Now" icon on this page.

Again, thank you for supporting the Jubilee Catholic Schools Network.


Educating our youth in truth for the honor and glory of God and for the salvation of souls.

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