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Jubilee Catholic Schools

Building a solid future for our children and our community.

The private, faith-based Jubilee Schools often are the only alternative education
choice some families have.

But oftentimes the money isnít there, and itís not just giving up a vacation or new shoes. Itís living paycheck to paycheck. Itís parents making real sacrifices to see that their children have a chance.

Jubilee parents and their children sign a pledge vowing to do what it takes to succeed, from attending church regularly as a family to completing homework to understanding their roles in society.

All families pay something. But itís the scholarships that close the gap and make it possible for many children to attend a Jubilee school.

And thatís where you come in.

As a donor partner, you are investing in success.

When you bring together children hungry to learn, parents devoted to their children, and teachers deeply committed to Christian education, you are investing in the growth of the greater community.

You can make a real, flesh-and-blood difference. Right here, in Memphis, in boys and girls driven to become employable, responsible citizens.

To learn more about becoming a donor partner, with Jubilee Catholic Schools, please visit our donation page or call us at 901.373.1220.

We thank you.


Educating our youth in truth for the honor and glory of God and for the salvation of souls.

Teacher Esmeralda Martinez at Resurrection Jubilee School talks to WKNO Radio >>