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OLQP Retreat Center


Director Pro- tempore

Deacon Ernest Albonetti

Retreat Center


3630 Dancyville Road
Stanton TN 38069-4711

Established in 2005, Our Lady Queen of Peace Retreat Center is the result of Bishop J. Terry Steib's vision to "Help others discover and grow their own spirituality." Sr. Eileen Fucito, C.P., and Sr. Anna Marie Becker, C.P., bring to life the Passionist Charism. In the tradition of St. Paul of the Cross and Elizabeth Prout (founders of the Passionist communities of men and women), they recognize the Passion of Jesus as the "greatest work of divine Love" and the revelation of the power of the resurrection to overcome the forces of evil. The Passionist Charism embraces suffering and connects with God in the midst of pain.

Like St. Paul the Apostle (1 Corinthians), Passionists preach Christ and Him Crucified. They see the Passion of Christ in the suffering of the world. Passionists make the Paschal Mystery the center of their lives.

Our Lady Queen of Peace Retreat Center in Dancyville, Tennessee exists as a place where all of God's people, young and old, can come to be refreshed. The quiet atmosphere allows God to be heard speaking to each person. Recharging and reconnecting with God, listening and hearing His voice, and deepening your spirituality will renew your life - your family - and your community.

We are Ready for Your Retreat!

Where can you find retreat information?

OLQP will send a Web Mail at least every two weeks providing current calendar, updates on programs and other activities at the retreat center. The full calendar including links to programs and presenters will be posted on our CDOM web page. There will also be periodic ads and articles in the diocesan printed publication.

Eight weeks prior to a weekend preached retreat a letter will be mailed to all the persons who have attended that retreat in the past 8 years. You can always call Debbie with any questions and she will be happy to assist you.