When You Have Lost a Loved-One…

Our compassionate family counselors will meet with you to help you make immediate arrangements for burial or entombment.  The counselor’s role is to explain the options available and provide cost and other information related to your choices.

  • Call our offices at (901) 948-1529 to schedule an appointment or talk to a counselor.
  • Our Catholic Cemeteries office has compiled information to help you in your planning and pre-planning.


  • Preplanning avoids the confusion and pressure that are often present when a death occurs in the family.
  • Today’s prices, at each of our Catholic Cemetery locations, are competitive and reasonable. An interest-free payment plan can be tailored to your special needs through preplanning.

Immediate Needs

When pre-planning was not done, take these steps:

  1. Call your parish priest.
  2. Call the funeral home of your choice.
  3. Meet with the counselors at the Catholic Cemeteries offices to find out what choices are available.

Burial and Interment Options in the Memphis Diocese

Above Ground Burial
This prestigious form of burial, once afforded to only the very wealthy, has become competitive with, if not less than, traditional in-ground burial. With a mausoleum costs can be reduced by eliminating a burial vault and a mo’nument or marker as the face plate serves as your memorial. Calvary Cemetery features crypts for full-body burial.

Below Ground Burial
Traditional in-ground burial lots are available in single graves, double graves, monument grave lot, or estate lots (24 graves).

We offer both services and products for cremation. If you would like guidance we can explain the Catholic Guidelines for Cremation based on Cannon 1176 and the History of Cremation.

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