A Chancellor is appointed by the diocesan bishop to gather, arrange, and safeguard the curial archive.  The Chancellor also serves as an ecclesiastical notary and secretary of the curia.  Most canonical administrative matters are overseen by the chancellor, with the assistance of a vice-chancellor. 

The Chancellor’s responsibilities include:

  • the composition and archiving of decrees;
  • processing of petitions for marriage dissolution in favor of the faith (i.e., Pauline Privilege, Petrine Privilege, non-consummated marriage);
  • verification of a person’s freedom to marry, especially for those who previously attempted marriage without regard to canonical form;
  • to serve as the diocesan bishop’s delegate for the granting of radical sanations of marriage;
  • forwarding of prenuptial documents for Catholics prepared for marriage in this diocese who wish to celebrate their wedding in a different diocese;
  • authentication of ecclesiastical documents.

Documents (English)

Petition for Radical Sanation

Petition for a Decree concerning Lack of Canonical Form

Prenuptial Investigation

Documents (Spanish)

Investigación Prenuptial

Particular Law


Documents (English)

Application Packet for Declaration of Nullity (Formal Case)

Application for Declaration of Nullity (Prior Bond Case)

For Lack of Form application and other marriage documents, go to Chancellor page.

Documents (Spanish)



Application for Radical Sanation

Chancellor:  Very Rev. James M. Clark, J.C.L., J.V.
Vice-chancellor:  Rev. Carlos Donato da Silva
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