Diocese of Memphis Ethics & Compliance

The Catholic Diocese of Memphis is committed to the highest levels of honesty & integrity.

You can read the Catholic Diocese of Memphis Ethics and Compliance Policy in English HERE

You can read the Catholic Diocese of Memphis Ethics and Compliance Policy in Spanish HERE

If you see or suspect any misconduct of any employee or person associated with the Diocese of Memphis in any parish, school or diocesan office, please report your concerns to the Diocese of Memphis Ethics & Compliance Hotline. Call toll free: 1-877-253-4281


What is the Ethics & Compliance Hotline Phone Number
Call toll free: 1-877-253-4281

What is the Hotline?
Our Ethics & Compliance Hotline allows individuals to communicate employee and financial misconduct concerns involving any parish, school, office or person associated with our Diocese, anonymously (if they wish) and confidentially via the telephone without fear of retaliation. Our Diocese has contracted with Navex, an independent, third-party service that provides this hotline service to organizations, companies and other dioceses around the country.

Why was it created?
Our Diocese is committed to responsible stewardship. We have many safeguards in place already to inform us of possible misconduct, but we also encourage concerned individuals to do the right thing when it comes to unethical, illegal or unsafe behavior and to speak up.

Was there a specific incident that prompted our Diocese to create it?
No. Our Diocese believes that this hotline is another way to show our commitment to responsible stewardship of the gifts we have been given.

What are some examples of misconduct that should be reported to the hotline?
Examples may include and are not limited to…
 accounting or auditing irregularities
 theft or fraud
 improper dealings with vendors and conflicts of interest  misuse of diocesan resources
 retaliation or harassment
 breaches of confidentiality

What are the benefits of the hotline?
Not only does a hotline such as this help us to detect and remedy employee misconduct, but it will also deter others from considering such violations. Complaints may also help us to assess risk and identify areas where we may need to change policy or procedures.

Does it take reports of suspected sexual abuse?
No. Our Ethics & Compliance hotline is not intended to be used for reporting sexual abuse allegations, which continues to be handled in accordance with the Archdiocese’s Child Protection Policy. Anyone who has been a victim of sex abuse is encouraged to report it to the proper civil authorities immediately and our diocesan Director of Child & Youth Protection at 901-359-2027. Contact information for civil reporting can be found on our diocesan Victim Assistance Webpage.

I work in a Parish and I do not want to report because I need my job and I am afraid of retaliation. Will I be able to make my report anonymously?
Yes. When you observe behavior that you believe violates the standards of conduct expected of diocesan employees, we expect you to report it. If you are an employee, ideally, you should bring any concerns forward to your direct leader or other members of the diocesan leadership team. We recognize, however, that there may be circumstances when you are not comfortable reporting the issue in this manner. It is for such circumstances that we have established our Ethics & Compliance Hotline. We would rather you report anonymously than keep the information to yourself.

Who at our Diocese sees the Hotline reports?
Reports are entered directly on the Navex (again, independent service) secure server to prevent any possible breach in security. Navex makes these reports available only to specific individuals (not just one person will review the report) within the diocese who are charged with evaluating the report, based on the type of violation and location of the incident. The report recipients, regardless of the employee being an evaluator, will not have access to the identity of an anonymous reporter and are required to keep these reports in the utmost confidence.

Who reviews these cases and what happens?
A team of experts at our diocese will promptly review and investigate all concerns reported to the hotline, then make a determination on the course of action needed.

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