As Lent leads us to the sacred Triduum and the solemnity of Easter: the gift of the Lord’s Day, Bishop Talley has issued a new Decree regarding attendance at Holy Mass and other details regarding the instructions and restrictions before, during and after Holy Mass.

A portion of the population of West Tennessee has been fully vaccinated as protection again COVID-19, and many more should receive the vaccine in the near future. Though this new coronavirus and its variants will continue to be a threat to the health of the diocesan family of West Tennessee, infection rates and hospitalizations are down significantly. Our Health Departments and the CDC continue to urge all of us to wear our masks when in public and keep a physical distance between one another and wash and sanitize our hands frequently. Still, this situation is much improved in the 21 counties of our Diocese.

Please click on the links provided for the English and Spanish versions of the Decree issued from the Most Reverend Bishop David P. Talley, which becomes effective on March 27, 2021 



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