A Legacy Remembered

Parishioners from around the diocese gathered at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception and joyfully celebrated Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s incredible legacy with a special mass on Monday, January 21. The mass was highlighted by music from the St. Augustine choir, liturgical dancers and a moving homily from Bishop Steib.

We must constantly remember that Dr. King stood for equal rights for all. For all colors, all nationalities, all creeds all genders. His faith and politics were integrated and always focused on human flourishing. We must never lose sight that the Church is called to do the same. As we hold Dr. King’s legacy in our hands, I often wonder what we will do with it. I believe we have a need to be supportive of one another always and to speak clearly against anything — anti-Semitism, racial prejudice, sexism — anything that would take away from any human’s life.

My hope is we will remember his teachings as words we can embody in the way that we live our lives and not only words that we repeat merely to hear ourselves out loud. Let’s use his words as a tool to help us remember that we must always try for peace all day and help create equality for all.

ICCS Kindergarten Students Learn Lesson Through Mindfulness

Immaculate Conception Cathedral School  kindergarten students learned a special lesson in one of their recent mindfulness classes — using eggs. Mindfulness teacher Suzanne Martin explained, “MLK’s dream was that everyone would show loving kindness to others. He knew that even though we look a little different on the outside, we are all the same on the inside. If we are mindful of our words, we can be kind to others.”