Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Annual Catholic Appeal

Q1: What is the Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA)?

A1: The Annual Catholic Appeal is a fundraising initiative organized by the Catholic Diocese of Memphis to support various ministries, programs, and services within the Diocese. It is an opportunity for parishioners to contribute collectively to the Church’s mission.

Q2: How is the money raised through the Annual Catholic Appeal used?

A2: Funds raised through the Annual Catholic Appeal are allocated to support a wide range of office, ministries and programs, including salaries, education, building maintenance, evangelization, and pastoral care. These contributions help strengthen the Church’s ability to serve both its members and the broader community.

Q3: Can I designate where my donation goes within the Annual Catholic Appeal?

A3: In most cases, donations to the Annual Catholic Appeal are unrestricted and used to address the most critical needs within the Diocese. However, the Diocese of Memphis allows donors to specify a particular ministry or program within the Annual Catholic Appeal they wish to support.

Q4: How can I make a donation to the Annual Catholic Appeal?

A4: Donations to the Annual Catholic Appeal can be made through various methods, including online contributions, check, or electronic funds transfer. Parishes provide envelopes specifically designated for the Annual Catholic Appeal, or donors can contribute directly through the Diocesan website at

Q5: Is my donation to the Annual Catholic Appeal tax-deductible?

A5: In many regions, contributions to religious organizations, including the Annual Catholic Appeal, are generally tax-deductible. However, it is advisable to consult with a tax professional for specific information regarding your individual circumstances.

Q6: How is the Annual Catholic Appeal different from regular Sunday offerings at my parish?

A6: While regular Sunday offerings primarily support your Parish’s operational expenses and a small percentage (5-16%) is the Parish Offertory Tax supporting the Diocese’s internal offices, the Annual Catholic Appeal focuses on providing financial support to the Diocesan funded ministries and organizations. It allows for a collective effort to address regional and communal needs. For a more complete breakdown of the Annual Catholic Appeal vs the Parish Offertory at 

Q7: Can I contribute to the Annual Catholic Appeal if I am not a registered parishioner?

A7: Yes, the Annual Catholic Appeal is open to all individuals, regardless of their parish registration status. It provides an opportunity for Catholics and others to support the Church’s charitable and outreach efforts at a broader level.

Q8: How are the results of the Annual Catholic Appeal communicated to donors?

A8: The Diocese of Memphis Office of Development publishes an end of year report, and the Office of Finance publishes the audited expenditures of the Annual Catholic Appeal at Additionally weekly, monthly, or quarterly updates are posted on the Diocese’s social media page and through Flocknote. Your parish may also post reports in the Sunday bulletins.

Q9: Can I volunteer my time instead of making a financial contribution to the Annual Catholic Appeal?

A9: While the primary focus of the Annual Catholic Appeal is financial support, the Diocese also welcome volunteers to assist with campaign efforts or participate in specific ministries. Individuals interested in volunteering should contact their local parish or the diocesan office for more information. Additionally, prayers are always welcome for the success of the Annual Catholic Appeal. If you are unable to contribute financially, please fill out a pledge card and on the bottom check the box stating you will pray for the Diocese. Your parish will be credited with your participation.

Q10: How can I get more information about the specific initiatives supported by the Annual Catholic Appeal in my Diocese?

A10: For detailed information about the ministries and organizations supported by the Annual Catholic Appeal in the Diocese, you can visit the official diocesan website at or contact your parish office.

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