Earlier this year, Margaret Scott and Kari Olesen, who manage the offices of Bishop David P. Talley and Bishop Emeritus J. Terry Steib, respectively, began a 2021 Bishops’ Christmas Card Art Contest across our Catholic Diocese of Memphis Schools.

The Process

The Art Contest asked children and teens in our Catholic Schools to create the art cover for the 2021 Memphis Diocese Christmas Card that the Bishops are now sending send out across our Diocese in West Tennessee, to many other Dioceses throughout the U.S and globally. Tons of Card Art came in from many of our Schools and a committee at our Diocese’s Catholic Center narrowed the choice to a top five. The Bishops then picked a Card Art winner and it was Kayleigh Villem. She is now a 12th grader at our Diocesan’s St. Benedict of Auburndale High School. 

The Surprise

This past Spring, just before School was let out for the summer, Kayleigh was surprised to find out at St. Benedict by the Bishops, Chaplain Fr. Dexter, her Mom and Brothers, Principal Morris and several SBA staff that her beautiful artwork was chosen as the winner of the 2021 Catholic Diocese of Memphis Christmas Card Cover for Bishop Talley and Bishop Emeritus Steib. Her art talents are amazing. Congratulations to Kayleigh!


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