Clergy for whom allegations of sexual abuse of a minor have been admitted, substantiated or determined or considered to be credible. Learn more about this list or go directly to the list.

Bishop David P. Talley released the following update, Feb. XX, 2020, following the conclusion of the Diocesan Review Board's review of clergy personnel files.

This list is being published as part of the Diocese of Memphis' ongoing commitment to transparency and to encourage persons sexually abused by clergy or by anyone working on behalf of the Church to come forward. The individuals named in this list have served in Memphis at some point in time, but that does not mean that they abused minors during their service here in the Diocese of Memphis. In addition, although this list includes their assignments, that does not mean that there are allegations of abuse at each place. Despite our best efforts to ensure that this information is accurate and complete, we know that this list may include errors or be incomplete. It was compiled through an initial preliminary internal review of personnel files of clergy whom we already knew or whom we suspected had been credibly accused of child sexual abuse.

This initial internal review will be followed by an external review in the near future, as well as further diocesan investigations and file reviews. An allegation being determined or considered as credible is not the equivalent of a finding of guilt by a jury or judge in a legal proceeding under civil law or canon law, nor does it mean that the allegation is able to be substantiated or proven. The list will be updated in the future based on any new information or investigations, or any additional names provided by other dioceses or religious orders.

If you or someone you know has been sexually abused by clergy or by anyone working on behalf of the Church, please first contact the civil authorities by calling the Tennessee Child Abuse Hotline (1-877-237-0004), our Victim Assistance Coordinator (901-652-4066) or our Director of Child and Youth Protection (901-359-2027).

For more information see the following:

The Charter for Protection of Children & Young People

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