College of Consultors

In every diocese of the Latin Church, a College of Consultors is constituted by the diocesan bishop with six to twelve members chosen from among the priests of the Presbyteral Council.  Even if the Presbyteral Council is dissolved by the Bishop or by the vacancy of the See, the Consultors continue as members of the College until their five-year terms have expired.  The most important duties of the College of Consultors include the governance of the Diocese when the See is vacant and giving consent to certain extraordinary acts of administration by the Diocesan Bishop.

College of Consultors ( 30 Aug 2022 – 2027)
Most Rev. David P. Talley, M.S.W., J.C.D.
Very Rev. J. Keith Stewart, V.G.
Very Rev. James Clark, J.C.L., J.V.
Very Rev. Robert Szczechura, S.T.L.
Very Rev. Joseph Kaump, V.F.
Rev. Jolly Sebastian, M.C.B.S.
Rev. Mike Werkhoven
Rev. Dennis Schenkel
Rev. Ruben Villalon
Rev. Joseph Hastings
Rev. Carl Gregorich

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