Divorce Isn’t Always Black & White – Let’s face it…

For a variety of reasons some (sadly) legitimate and some not, Catholics do find themselves civilly divorced. No matter who “left”, for everyone it can be a time for panic, fear, anger, depression, rage, anxiety, and sometime a temptation to even lose faith.

  • So where do you stand with the Church?
  • Do you struggle with the unfairness of it all? Are you feeling relieved and guilty?
  • Are you excommunicated?
  • Is loneliness driving you crazy?
  • Want to know if you can marry again?
  • How long should you wait for your ex to return?
  • What’s going to happen to the kids?
  • Where WAS God in all this?
  • Can I get an annulment?
  • How can the Church say if my marriage was valid or not?

All these and more are legitimate questions. The Church has the answers and can help. You are invited to join other divorced Catholics in a 6-week journey toward finding the hope, healing, and peace you may be seeking. In this video/discussion program, you will listen and learn from Catholic men and women who share their stories of finding help in coping with the devastating effects of divorce. Whether you got divorced ten days ago or ten years ago, the program offers valuable insight for everyone. Find comfort and counsel consistent with Catholic teachings. Please check back to this webpage for the dates of the next journey series.

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