Personal Stewardship 

A true disciple of Christ not only listens to the teachings of Christ but internalizes these teachings and put them into practice in daily life.  The Christian steward or disciple has the responsibility to preserve, nurture, cultivate, develop and share each and every gift they possess. Prayer, giving and serving are the three areas that make a person a good steward and instills with that individiual’s heart the acceptance that they have been bestowed with gifts from a loving Creator. It is the steward’s or disciple’s responsibility to build the kingdom of God here on earth by using these gifts. 

PRAYER is the groundwork that leas people to follow Christ as a steward. It entails a change of heart or a spiritual conversion. Saint Mother Teresa said, “the fruit of SILENCE is prayer, the fruit of PRAYER is faith, the fruit of FAITH is love, the fruit of LOVE is service and the fruit of SERVICE is peace.”

SERVICE is participating in the community of the Church. We have been given unique skills and talents to share with our Church community to meet the needs of the parish.

GIVING financially to the needs of the parish protects the future of the parish. We need a place to worship, to receive the sacraments and to hear the Word of God. We need schools, hospitals and shelters. All of these require money which has to come from the people of God. Jesus said, “there is more happiness in giving than receiving.”


Click the links below to learn more about the three necessities for stewardship.

Use these resources to discern what you can do or give as a member of the Body of Christ.

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