Presbyteral Council

Each diocese is to have a Presbyteral Council that functions as a kind of “Senate of the Bishop.”  The members of the Council provide advice and counsel to the Bishop in matters pertaining to pastoral activity in the Diocese.  The Presbyteral Council is composed of priests who serve in the Diocese of Memphis.  Some members are elected by the priests of the Diocese while others are appointed by the Bishop or are members in virtue of holding a particular office in the Diocese (ex officio).

Presbyteral Council (2019-2022)

Ex-officio Members
Very Rev. Keith Stewart, V.G., Vicar General, Secretary
Very Rev. James Clark, J.C.L., J.V., Chancellor and Judicial Vicar
Very Rev. Stephen Kenney, V.F., Dean of the Western Deanery
Very Rev. R. Joseph Kaump, V.F., Dean of the Central Deanery
Very Rev. Robert Ballman, V.F., Dean of the Northern Deanery
Very Rev. David Graham, V.F., Dean of the Southeastern Deanery
Very Rev. Robert Szczechura, S.T.L., Director of Vocations

Elected Members
Rev. Msgr. Peter P. Buchignani, P.A., J.C.L., Vice-chairman
Rev. Msgr. Albert Kirk, S.T.D.
Rev. Richard Coy, Chairman
Rev. Ernie DeBlasio
Rev. Robert Favazza
Rev. Patrick Gallagher
Rev. James Martell
Rev. Dexter Noblefranca

Appointed Members
Rev. Augustine DeArmond, O.P., J.C.L.
Rev. Jose Cruz Zapata

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