St. Michael Catholic Church launches 139:16 a Ministry for Persons with Special Needs

Father Ben Bradshaw, Pastor, and Social Ministry Director Gwen Coffey are excited to begin a new program for individuals and families with special needs at the church. The program is called 139:16 and is taken from Psalm 139:16.

“God does not make us as an ‘experiment’ as though he set us in motion and then stepped back to see the results. Rather, he made us, knowing everything in advance. We tend to sort people out and value them based on accomplishments or deficits. God just loves.” said Gwen. “We cannot be an active body if one member is missing and we are missing members that we hope this ministry will bring among us.”

Father Ben said he has been working to get the program up and running as it has been something that has been discussed on and off for quite some time. “Partnering with other ministries in the community has been such a gift and we look so forward to finally adding a Catholic presence within the special needs community in Memphis. Being invited to partner with Joy Life 901 and for 2021 being a host and sponsor for the Joy Prom 2021 means a lot to me as a Pastor. Friday evening, April 16, 2021, will be a really fun day for us.”

Coffey said that by partnering with other churches in our community to be the Catholic extension of an already fantastic program, as well as now having a Parish within Memphis with the staff and ability to provide a place for our Catholic persons with special needs to receive their sacraments is the best gift we can give our Catholic families and our Memphis Diocese.

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