2021 Annual Catholic Appeal Goal Surpassed – Outstanding!

Today, our Catholic Diocese of Memphis officially announced that our goal for the 2021 Annual Catholic Appeal campaign of $2.3 Million has been surpassed for a final total of $2.46 Million raised or 107 Percent better than the goal. Outstanding with an abundance of blessings!

“As we celebrate our 50th Anniversary this year with a theme of That All May Be One (John 17:21), which was our Appeal theme, too, I want to thank our Parishioners and Clergy for the prayers and support in giving so generously to your church and our Diocese through some very challenging times,” said Bishop David Talley, Memphis Diocese. “I am inspired by so many faithful families offering outreach support to their neighbors and through Ministries to connect, pray and build community–which all follows the Golden Rule of Our Lord (Matthew 7:12)…to care for one another.”

According to Jim Marconi, Director-Development, Memphis Diocese, and Fr. Mike Werkhoven, Chairman-2021 Annual Catholic Appeal, Memphis Diocese, our Annual Appeal will specifically provide support to our retired priests who have dedicated their lives to our Diocese and to seminarians working hard to be our future priests. It also ensures the strength of our religious education programs and the many important Ministries across our Diocese, along with helping the poor and needy among us. “It is these services of mercy that has drawn us closer in unity with Christ and a deeper relationship with God as one Church,” said Fr. Werkhoven, who is Pastor at Incarnation Catholic Church in Collierville.

Note: There are 47 Parishes-Missions in the Memphis Diocese and 31 of our Parishes-Missions met and/or exceeded their campaign goal to be part of the Appeal 100 Plus Club. Please see the list below of our Appeal 100 Plus Club. Also, this year’s Appeal Video and Brochure included special 50th Anniversary photos and information–collector’s items. Click the link for the Appeal material: 2021AnnualCatholicAppeal.


Appeal 100 Plus Club

  1.  Ascension, led by Fr. Dennis Schenkel
  2.  Ave Maria, led by Fr. Robert Ballman (Northern Dean)
  3. Holy Angels, led by Fr. Patrick Hirtz
  4. Holy Cross, led by Fr. Martin Orjianioke
  5. Holy Family, led by Fr. Herbert Ene
  6. Holy Spirit, led by Fr. Matthew Panackachira
  7. Immaculate Conception-UC, led by Fr. Carl Gregorich
  8. Incarnation, led by Fr. Mike Werkhoven (ACA Chairman)
  9. Our Lady of Guadalupe, led by Fr. David Graham (South Eastern Dean)
  10. Our Lady of Perpetual Help, led by Fr. Jolly Sebastian
  11. Resurrection, led by Fr. Jim Martell
  12. Sacred Heart, led by Fr. Simon Hoang
  13. St. Alphonsus, led by Fr. Robert Ballman (Northern Dean)
  14. St. Ann-Bartlett, led by Fr. Ernie DeBlasio
  15. St. Anne-Highland, led by Fr. Bruce Cinquegrani
  16. St. Brigid, led by Fr. Joey Kaump (Central Dean)
  17. St. Francis, led by Fr. Carl Hood
  18. St. James, led by Fr. Gerald Azike
  19. St. John-Brownsville, led by Fr. David Graham (South Eastern Dean)
  20. St. John-Memphis, led by Fr. Fausta Odinwankpa
  21. St. Jude-Martin, led by Fr. David Orsak
  22. St. Jude-Selmer, led by Fr. Wayne Arnold
  23. St. Mary-Bolivar, led by Fr. Wayne Arnold
  24. St. Mary-Jackson, led by Fr. David Graham (South Eastern Dean)
  25. St. Mary-Savannah, led by Fr. Edward Fisher
  26. St. Michael, led by Fr. Ben Bradshaw
  27. St. Patrick, led by Fr. Val Handwerker
  28. St. Paul, led by Fr. Stephen Kenny (Western Dean)
  29. St. Philip, led by Fr. Robbie Favazza
  30. St. William, led by Fr. John Hourican
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