31 Days of Prayer for May


The Bible talks about prayer in a variety of ways. Jesus shares about how you should pray, Paul talks about praying at all times and during times of stress, and David talks about how the Lord draws near to those who call on him. You could go on and on see many examples in the Bible of people praying and what to be praying for.

We, as Catholics know the extreme power in prayer. But we also know that sometimes, without direction or specifics, our prayer life can lack impact (to us and others). That is why during the month of May we are committing to 31 days of prayer.

Over the next 31 days we want to encourage everyone to join together and go through each days verse, read it and in prayer ask God to show us how to apply it in our lives. It is our hope that not only God does amazing things but that we will be changed because of it as well as we see God work.

So how do you join us? Simply click HERE.

It’s going to be a great month as we see all that God can and will do over the next 31 days.

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