A Celebration for Those who have Chosen to Serve the Church of West Tennessee

The CDOM annual Seminary Dinner, sponsored by the Tennessee Knights of Columbus holds a favored place in the calendar of many Memphis Catholics. It’s a chief fundraiser for our seminarians, and on a normal year hundreds of Memphis catholics flock to an occasion that celebrates the very best of the future of the Catholic Church — the men who will one day serve as her priests.

This year should have been no different, especially considering that our diocese is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2021. But, as with every other large-scale function this year, thanks to COVID-19, the seminarian dinner has had to be reimagined.

But the pandemic won’t stop us from celebrating our mission of supporting those who have chosen to care for the people of West Tennessee. Though it is still the seminarian dinner out of respect for the tradition of the event, it will not be a dinner, and it will not be held at it’s usual location. Instead, it will be an online event called 300 from 300.

Donations can be made by one person donating $300 (or more, of course), a business donating,  or a group of people joining together to donate $300.

For more information on the seminary dinner, visit cdomvocations.org.

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