Our Diocese has assembled a Security and Safety Advisory Committee to help advise Bishop David P. Talley on safety and security matters related to our churches and schools across West Tennessee. The committee consists of expertise in church administration, school administration, law enforcement, fire safety, security procedures, security technologies, and other related disciplines. The overarching purpose is to equip pastors and principals to take proactive measures to enhance the safety of our clergy, parishioners, staff, faculty, students, parents, and visitors. Over the next few months, the committee will work to develop templates of security and safety best practices to be offered to every church and school in our Diocese. “We will not reinvent the wheel. There are plenty of excellent resources readily available,” said Jonathan Frase, committee member. The committee will deploy communications platforms to share urgent security matters and available resources such as grants, technologies, and local vendors. According to Sondra Morris, committee member, “Schools and churches are working to solve these problems. Our hope is to point the Bishop’s Office toward all the best resources and practices so pastors and principals can best protect the people in their facilities.”

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