Many blessings to our Diocese’s 26 Permanent Diaconate Candidates, Class of 2025, who were instituted in the Ministry of Acolyte by Bishop David P. Talley in a ceremony on Sunday, Oct. 8, during Mass at our magnificent and historic Mother Church, The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. Take a moment to hear from Bishop Talley about the Candidates in this video link: The Candidates are installed in the Ministry of Acolyte during their third year in order to assist Deacons and Priests in liturgical celebrations, especially the Eucharistic Liturgy. The Vocation to become a Permanent Deacon is a Five-Year Master Degree level study, which began in the Spring of 2020 for these Candidates. The newly instituted Acolytes (Deacon Candidates) will be ordained into the Sacrament of Holy Orders in the Spring of 2025 as Permanent Deacons. Also, each Deacon’s spouse, if they are married, are right by their side in support of the Candidate.

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