Aspirancy Program for the Diaconate is underway

Through the Church, Christ calls some to ordained service through the Sacrament of Holy Orders.  Formation for ordination to a diaconal vocation is an intense process consisting of five (5) years, followed by a life-long commitment of continued personal formation and growth.  Throughout the process, many people are involved in the discernment of an individual’s spiritual maturity, academic readiness, and pastoral ability for ordination.  At any time during this process a man may personally elect either to defer or to discontinue his pursuit of the diaconate.  Alternatively, the Diocese of Memphis may, at its option, determine an applicant, aspirant or candidate is not sufficiently suited to continue toward ordination.

The process of selection begins with pre-application Eligibility, formal Application, a Personal Interview, Home Visit Interview, Deacon Formation Team and final selection to Aspirancy.

Before he is formally accepted as a candidate for the Permanent Diaconate, an aspirant is invited to participate in what is known as the propaedeutic period. During this period, which lasts approximately one year, he engages in a process of discernment which is intended to help him arrive at a better understanding of himself and of ministry in the Church, so as to be able to make an initial decision which is fully free and unconditioned by personal interests or external pressures of any sort.

The aspirants chosen to move forward in the program met as a group for the first time at Saint Benedict of Auburndale on September 26, 2020. They were greeted by Bishop David Talley and the Deacon Formation Committee. All standard Covid-19 protocols were followed. Please keep these men and their wives in your prayers as they travel this journey of discernment to the Permanent Diaconate.


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