Follow the Golden Rule of Jesus and Remain Safe

Faithful Family – Reports continue to show a strong spiking of COVID-19 infection throughout our 21 counties…urban, suburban and rural. Many of our hospital staffs are overwhelmed.

With that being said, please see Bishop Talley’s Decree, dated Nov. 4 (English-Spanish), as well as his latest video message to assist all of us in following the Golden Rule of Jesus in caring for our neighbor–as we care for ourselves–in remaining safe.

Highlighted in the Decree, Bishop Talley calls on all of us to make sure that those particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus hear from you about their call to remain at home and pray with us through streaming Liturgies and through their own Lectio, prayer and fasting….until this spiking decreases (and a vaccine is available to all). And, know that masking, distancing and sanitizing are critical to everyone in showing the signs of this active love (Lev. 19.18, Matthew 7.2, Luke 6.31).

As Bishop Talley says…“Nothing will defeat the Good News we live and proclaim. Let us be attentive to the needs of others and fearless in our loving obedience to the Way of Life offered. AMDG”

¡Adelante! Going forward together, on mission

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