Catholic Extension Society ( has shared its 2024-2025 Lumen Christi Award nominees (…/lumen-christi-award/) and one of the nominees is from our Catholic Diocese of Memphis. The following announcement is from the Catholic Extension Website.
The Lumen Christi Award, presented by Catholic Extension Society, has been given to people who radiate and reveal the light of Christ present in the communities where they serve. The Diocese of Memphis nominee for the 2024 Lumen Christi Award is Sarah Alley.
Sarah had always been deeply involved with her parish, Holy Angels Catholic Church in Dyersburg, Tenn. She read at Mass, served as an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist, and served as the DRE (Director of Religious Education) for the church for five years. But ALS took all that away. She was confused, angry and becoming bitter.
Sarah got in her closet and yelled at God for all the unfairness. She asked, “What is happening to me?” God answered her back right away. He said, “Sarah, you are so much more than your body.”
Sarah discovered her special ability, an ability forged by embracing her adversity and grounded in the enabling Spirit of God. She began blogging for the Dyersburg State Gazette about her ALS and Catholic Faith. She is the director for the Autumn Walk for ALS, works with Catholic Charities – Matthew 25:40, and runs three separate weekly Bible studies.
Sarah Alley is our example, our Patron Saint of Ability. A true Lumen Christi.
Note: Our Diocese sends many blessings and congratulations to Sarah. She is also the focus of our Cover story in the July/August issue of our award-winning Faith Magazine that will be in homes, parishes, and businesses next week. For now, here’s the link:…/faith-west…/mem0724 and subscribe here:…/39025798-b75e-4c9a-ab40….
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