For the 6th consecutive year, the Remmert Family Memorial Scholarship has been presented to St. Benedict students. This year’s recipients are juniors Dante Carrasco and Marisa Mata.

   A memorial scholarship endowment fund to benefit rising juniors and seniors was established at the Catholic Diocese of Memphis six years ago to commemorate the lives of Herman Albert and Berenice Agnes Remmert for their longstanding commitment to Catholic education. Mr. and Mrs. Remmert’s connection to Catholic education in the Diocese dates to their arrival in Memphis in the 1950s. Over the next 25 years, they supported seven children through their completion of higher Catholic education. Following their deaths and to honor their wishes of establishing a long-term legacy to Catholic education the Remmert children created this memorial endowment. It is a reflection of their earlier commitment to Catholic education and helping students succeed in Diocese of Memphis Catholic Schools. Steve Remmert said, “Honoring students in the Diocese each year affords us to come together as a family to honor our parents and to continue our spiritual connection with them. It also celebrates outstanding students. Each year they seem to be more impressive. And, lastly, we are able to honor the servant leadership of our Diocesan high schools and the administrations and faculties. It touches our hearts how strong the culture of excellence is present and provided to these students. This is what strengthens them each year.”

   Students with a 3.0 GPA or above compete for the scholarship by submitting applications, reference letters and essays to the Superintendent of Catholic Schools. 
From these, prospective recipients are asked to highlight early career interests in a number of key areas. Other relevant factors, such as faith and service, are also considered in the selection of the award recipients.

   At today’s presentation, Dante and Marisa were joined by their parents and siblings, members of the Remmert family, the Superintendent of Catholic Schools and SBA Administration.  


Marisa Mata, Dante Carrasco, Loretta Remmert Jackson



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