Diocese of Memphis deacons – a sign of Jesus the Servant, by Office of Communications

March 6, 2020

MEMPHIS, TN — Laughter and joy filled the room Wednesday evening at the Deacons Anniversary Dinner.  From age to career paths, their backgrounds may vary but the men ordained to the Permanent Diaconate for our Diocese share a deep bond in faith and willingness to serve.

The men who serve the Diocese of Memphis as deacons are certainly a sign of Jesus the Servant – not only in parishes, but all through the city.  A deacon’s ministries are focused on charity—which is service—liturgy and word.  Our deacons are men who are called by God serving in areas of our diocese from diaconal service ranges from pro-life and jail apostolates to serving in hospitals and at many parishes.  They help bring life and light to our diocesan family every day.

Because the diaconate is not a paid ministry, with the exception of deacons who hold a job for a parish or diocese—in which case they are paid for the job they fulfill, not for their diaconal role—many deacons in active ministry have secular occupations.  Juggling their occupational requirements, family responsibilities and parish duties makes it easy to recognize they don’t do it for money or status or prestige. And these are just a few of their hurdles on a journey that demands many great sacrifices.

Let us never forget to pray for all of our deacons and their families, while being sure to give them thanks for all they do. With different gifts and personalities, our deacons and their families sacrifice for the benefit of our great diocese with joy.  Their journeys to the diaconate are different, but they are all true to the calling God has placed on them. They gladly share the love of Jesus with us; let’s be sure to share that love back to them.

Thank you, deacons and wives, for your ministry, your love for God and your willingness to remind all of us that we are beloved of God, too.  And so, our journey in the Diocese of Memphis as “One Church, One Heartbeat” continues.

For more about the permanent diaconate formation program in the Diocese of Memphis, contact Deacon Bill Davis at 901-373-1200 or by email, deacon.formation@cc.cdom.org

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