Engaged Day/Marriage Prep Retreat at OLQP, Aug. 28, Hosted by St. Mary-Jackson

Our St. Mary Church in Jackson is providing an Engaged Day/Marriage Prep Retreat and all engaged couples across our Memphis Diocese are welcome to participate. Please see the following information and attached flyer from the Three to Get Married Formation Team at St. Mary-Jackson and share as appropriate.

· The Retreat Day will take place at Our Lady Queen of Peace Retreat Center on Saturday, Aug. 28, from 9am-5pm. The cost of the Retreat Day (which covers facility fees, lunch, materials and honoraria for speakers) is $125 per couple. The deadline for registering is next Wed., Aug. 25.

· The Retreat Day is a wonderful new initiative within our Diocese. Marriage formation is one of the most important Ministries that we provide for the future of our Catholic faith. The formation of great marriages will have a ripple effect into our Parishes at large, our Schools and the works of mercy that we do as local Parishes. Formation events are aimed at setting a solid foundation for the Church in this generation and the next.

· The Retreat Day provides most of the information and formation that engaged couples need as they move toward marriage. Obviously, it cannot replace meetings with clergy and mentor-couple gatherings.

· If you have further questions or if you have couples that want to participate in this Retreat Day, please contact Khira Rotty, khirarotty@gmail.com.

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