The latest editions of our award-winning Faith West Tennessee Magazine are now in Homes, Parishes-Missions and Businesses with our July edition arriving soon. These are more “must see” editions sharing informative and interesting articles about our faith, prayers, celebrations, parishioners and more across our Diocese–which always includes beautiful Photos. Here are our latest editions online:

Our Faith West Tennessee Magazine is a ten month-a-year Catholic Diocese of Memphis publication. It is produced in English and Spanish to spread the Gospel of our Lord to more than 70,000 West Tennessee parishioners across 47 Parishes and Missions about the living Christ through conversion, communion, service and unity.

Subscribers of Faith West Tennessee Magazine pay $18 (one-year.), $30 (two-years) or $36 (three-years) to receive the award-winning publication. If you do not receive the Magazine and want to subscribe, please click the following link: FWTNSubscribe.

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