Life-Affirming Women’s Healthcare Opening July 1; Dr. Tina Burns

Memphis, Tenn.- June 23, 2020 — Guiding Star Memphis, the leader in life-affirming healthcare for women, will open July 1 and is now accepting appointments. Visit or call 901-422-5152.

This not-for-profit ministry, located in a beautiful new medical office at 100 Tillman Street near Poplar and Tillman in Memphis was founded by parishioners from Holy Spirit, Incarnation, St. Francis, St. Louis and St. Michael Catholic Churches. It is financially supported by not only Catholic parishioners, but by members from other churches in our Greater Memphis community.

“Women of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities and creeds deserve access to life-affirming healthcare. We provide medical care that supports body, mind and spirit,” says executive director Karen Pennell. Mrs. Pennell continues: “Our medical services are provided by Dr. Tina Burns, our full-time physician. She is amazing! Professional psychology is offered on a limited basis by two local psychologists who support our mission. And priests from several of our parishes are huge spiritual supporters.” “It’s wonderful to be able to have a medical practice that is built on the foundations of our faith,” said Dr. Burns who is also a parishioner at Incarnation in Collierville.   Whenever possible the staff seeks to provide natural options that are safer for all women ages 9 to 99. It is so important that parents bring their teen daughters to the clinic right at the onset of puberty so that they hear a message that is in line with Christian family values. Teen girls are introduced to natural ways to manage painful periods, heavy bleeding or acne vs. being put on low dose birth control products. While Guiding Star Memphis accepts all major medical insurance, part of the mission is to also serve women who are uninsured. Patients who have insurance and patients who are able to pay for services will help us cover the ongoing costs of the clinic. But as a not-for-profit clinic, we will be asking for the continued support from the faith community in Memphis to help us in serving those who are not able to pay. Please support Guiding Star Memphis. For more information, again, visit or call 901-422-5152.  

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