St. Benedict at Auburndale High School STEM instructor Herman Jorgenson has received a scholarship from the Notre Dame Alumni Club of Memphis to attend the University of Notre Dame Excellence in Teaching STEM Conference in early April. The Conference, “Making STEM a Force for Good,” is presented by the University’s Center for STEM Education.

The Conference overview states, “STEM education serves more than an economic means. STEM education can be used as a force for good throughout our communities and as a means for helping young people shape their own futures. This 2-day conference will draw on research and the wisdom of practice to help teachers from the STEM disciplines as well as the humanities integrate core concepts and practices from science, technology, engineering and mathematics in ways that address problems that are meaningful to our nation’s youth. Speakers will address issues of curriculum, instruction, and assessment at the intersection of problem-based learning and authentic, relevant contexts as a means for generating agency among STEM learners. Break-out sessions will provide opportunities for different teachers of different grade bands – from pre-school to advanced level high school settings – to explore developmentally appropriate ways for young people to engage in rigorous STEM education as a means for respecting the dignity of all people and fostering the common good.

Mr. Jorgensen teaches Introduction to Engineering Design and Principles of Engineering as well as provides Drone coding, building and execution instruction for SBA students.

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