Imagine the smell in the air when a dozen Cooking Teams heat up grills of all shapes and sizes to begin cooking Steaks? It’s basically the biggest Tailgate Event you will ever participate in with a “chance to see and be seen.” You chose your own Cooking Team to make your mouthwatering steak to order. About 500 people come annually to enjoy ribeye steak, drinks, music, dancing, and Silent Auction with exciting new Wine Pull!

The wine pull will feature 150 bottles of wine, red and white, wrapped in brown paper bags and tagged with a number. Each bottle will be valued at $20+. Amongst the collection of wines, there will be bottles valued of upwards of $100 which will act as an incentive to clients to purchase a bottle. These “special” bottles will be heavily marketed to induce sales. Customers who opt to participate will pay their $20 and be allowed to draw a numbered cork from a bucket of corks. The number on the cork will match a number on a bottle tag. Customers will only know what type of wine they have purchased after removing the bottle from the bag. For the customer, it is a win/win scenario because of receiving a bottle of wine that at the very least, is valued at $20.

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