ICCS’s Summer Camp Focused on Fun Learning
Students at Immaculate Conception Cathedral School’s Summer Camp 2019 are having fun while learning and developing critical skills. Each camp week is focused on a specific theme such as visual arts, STEM, animals, and ocean. There’s even a Lego week, as well as a patriotism week scheduled around July 4th.
During STEM week, children as young as 4 participated in activities that engaged math and science skills. In one exercise, students made adjustments to angles and pressure to launch “rocket straws” outdoors and have them land in a specific area.  Another activity stretched engineering skills in a tower-making competition. 
Photo:  ICCS Summer Campers build towers for a STEM competition. 
Photo:  An ICCS Summer Camper makes adjustments to ensure her “rocket straw” propels from the right angle to land in a designated spot. 
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