Here’s a question–and it needs a candid answer: Are you overwhelmed by the Gospel? Like, really overwhelmed. Or, is it just a nice story? To answer, it’s time to grab another seat in the Pew for about 42 minutes with Fr. John Riccardo and John Edwards as they talk about how overwhelming the Gospel story actually is in another informative and interesting episode of Just a Guy in the Pew podcast.

Fr. John Riccardo, Founder-Acts XXIX and Co-Host of You Were Born For This podcast, was ordained a Priest in the Archdiocese of Detroit in 1996. Fr. John served as a Parish Pastor for 15 years, most recently at Our Lady of Good Counsel in Plymouth, Mich., where he was witness to the power of the Holy Spirit in a way that caught the attention of Pastors around the country. John Edwards, Parishioner-Holy Rosary, Founder-Pew Ministries and Co-Founder-Virtual Catholic Conference, is the host of Just a Guy in the Pew–part of Pew Ministries, a non-profit with a mission of bringing the person of Jesus Christ to the person in the pew.

Fr. John’s ministry is devoted to helping retool clergy and lay leaders to be more effective. Much of the retooling revolves around the Gospel—how it should be told and received. It’s an overwhelming story. It’s powerful. In fact, Fr. John talks about how in the original Greek translation, when St. Paul says the power of God is salvation, the word he uses for power shares the same root as the English word for dynamite. In other words, the Gospel is explosive. It should rock us. It’s not a nice, cute and sweet story. It’s life-changing. It’s time we believe it. And, if we believe it is life-changing, then that demands we live our lives differently.

In this Just a Guy in the Pew episode, we will learn the story of the Gospel–and how it should truly change our lives, the differences between the Christendom Era and the Apostolic Era and why God allows bad things to happen in the world.


Are you ready to be overwhelmed by the Gospel? Take a seat in the pew and click on one of the following links:

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Please share this Podcast as the best disciples. To learn more about John’s ministry go to: JustaGuyinthePew. Stay safe with many prayers—praying is powerful!

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