As the New Year continues in full swing and football still in the air, let’s take time today or over the weekend for about 60 mins. in the Pew with Bart Schuchts and John Edwards on the Relentless Love of The Father. This Podcast is another exceptional and faith-filled episode of “Just a Guy in the Pew.”


Bart Schuchts is the founder of Church on Fire and has been associated with the John Paul II Healing Center since its inception. Bart has been in Ministry for more than 30 years. He grew up in a Catholic home yet drifted away from God in college. Following a desperate plea to God while sitting in an National Football League locker room, Bart had a powerful encounter with The Father’s love that transformed his life forever. Also, as many of us know, John Edwards is a Parishioner at our Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Memphis. John is the founder of Pew Ministries, co-founder of Virtual Catholic Conference and the host of “Just a Guy in the Pew.”


In this Podcast, Bart shares a powerful story that will strike a chord for many of us about his struggles growing up without a father, how we often project our experiences of our fathers onto God, what we do to try to fill the void created by absent fathers, what caused Bart to turn away from a potential career in the NFL and much more.


Let’s not miss this moving story so take a seat in the Pew and click a link:

·       YouTube Link: JustaGuyinthePewSchuchts

·       Podcast Audio: JustaGuyinthePewSchuchts

To learn more about John’s Ministry go to: JustaGuyinthePew. God is great, always!

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