“Just a Guy in the Pew” Podcast with Bishop David Talley – New Evangelization

During this Lenten season, it’s time to grab a seat in the Pew for about 30 minutes with Bishop David Talley and John Edwards on a special bonus episode of “Just a Guy in the Pew” Podcast.

Throughout West Tennessee, Bishop Talley is committed to bringing Christ’s message to an increasingly secular world. John Edwards, Parishioner-Holy Rosary, Founder-Pew Ministries and Co-Founder-Virtual Catholic Conference, is the host of Just a Guy in the Pew–part of Pew Ministries, a non-profit with a mission of bringing the person of Jesus Christ to the person in the pew.

In this “Just a Guy in the Pew” Podcast, Bishop Talley and John discuss the New Evangelization and what it means, why the New Evangelization is meant for all of us and how to bring the freshness of the Lord back into our hearts and share it with others.

Are you ready to learn more and fulfill the mission of the New Evangelization? Take a seat in the pew and click on one of the following links:

·      Podcast: BishopTalleyJustaGuyinthePew

·      Podcast Audio: BishopTalleyJustaGuyinthePewAudio

·      YouTube Link: BishopTalleyJustaGuyinthePew

To learn more go to: JustaGuyinthePew.

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