Knights of Columbus Expand Membership Model; Sign-Up Today Free

The Knights of Columbus, the world largest Catholic men’s fraternal organization, recently expanded its model of membership to include men who either do not have a resident parish Council or are not yet ready to participate in a group setting.

A newly created on-line membership option provides men with many of the benefits traditionally afforded only through full membership in the Order. These benefits include access to all of the Knights of Columbus Insurance products, participation in area-wide Knights of Columbus charitable activities, and monthly subscriptions to the Order’s award-winning publications including Columbia magazine.

The electronic membership model comes with an annual fee of $30 per year, however, from now until Monday, August 31, 2020, the first-year fee will be waived for anyone joining electronically and by using the special code MCGIVNEY2020 during their sign up. Joining and participating in the Order has never been easier. Those men interested in joining or those wanting to learn more about the Knights of Columbus, are invited to visit KofCJoinUs.

Founded by a young parish priest now on the path to sainthood, the Knights of Columbus has helped strengthen men, their families, their parishes and their communities since 1882. Today, there are more than 1.9 million members of the Order doing good across the world.

The Knights of Columbus stands as the strong right arm of the Church, and challenges members to grow in their faith through programs, fraternity and other vital resources.


For additional information about the Knights of Columbus, or to speak with a Tennessee Knights of Columbus representative, email

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