In NFP both husband and wife are taught to understand and live God’s design for married love—this will give them countless blessings! NFP methods promote a holistic approach to family planning which both respects procreation and has the potential to deepen the intimacy of husband and wife. (USCCB) 

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All engaged couples are required to take at least the first session of a Natural Family Planning method.  It is best to attend 6 months before their wedding.  See schedule below. 

Billings Ovulation Method Class

The fee is $75.00 per couple (even if only one attends) and is non-refundable.

This includes all the classes and materials plus individual follow –up for as long as needed.
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First Session

Second Session

Third Session




Thursday, June 11th

Tuesday, July 16th 

TBD by instructorThe Catholic Center


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Tuesday, August 6thTuesday,September 10thTBD by instructorThe Catholic Center


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