Our 50th Anniversary Faithful Events Continue in May, June and the Months Ahead; Eucharistic Congress, Oct. 8-9

Our year-long Golden Jubilee celebrations will continue in May, June and the Months Ahead. Below are some details and/or click this link to see our 50th Anniversary Webpage for more information: CDOM50Years.


Advent and Penance

Our Golden Jubilee began at Advent on Nov. 28-29, 2020, with special prayers at Masses across our 47 Parishes-Missions. We then celebrated special Jubilee Year Penance Services during the Lenten Season this year in each of our four Deaneries on March 1 at St. Louis (Central Deanery); March 4 at the Cathedral (Western Deanery); March 15 at Immaculate Conception-UC (Northern Deanery); and March 22 at St. Mary-Jackson (South Eastern Deanery). Bishop Talley attended each service along with the Dean within each Deanery and many of our Priests. For those unable to attend in person, our Diocese live-streamed each Penance Service up to when the service began individual Confession and Absolution.


Our Next Anniversary Events

There are more celebrations of our Golden Jubilee in the months ahead and the next joyful events are:

  • In May, the Start of Our Memphis Diocese Masses will take place on May 26 at the Cathedral, 7pm, and May 27 at St. Mary-Jackson, 7pm. Bishop Talley and Bishop Emeritus Steib will celebrate the start of our Diocese together, which took place 50 years ago on Jan. 6, 1971. We are celebrating the 50th Anniversary date now due to COVID-19 restrictions this past January. For those unable to attend, our Diocese will live-stream both Masses.
  • In June, through our wonderful Catholic Charities of West Tennessee, our Diocese will hold special Jubilee Year Community Service activities in each of our four Deaneries. The activities will take place on June 5 at St. Louis, 1pm-3pm (Central Deanery); June 6 at Holy Angels-Dyersburg, 3pm-5pm (Northern Deanery); June 12 at St. Augustine, 10am-12pm (Western Deanery); and June 13 at St. Mary-Jackson, 3pm-5pm (South Eastern Deanery). For more information on our special Community Service activities, go to: CCWTNCommunityService or email: ccwtn@acc.cdom.org.


Eucharistic Congress and More

For the rest of our 50th Anniversary celebrations save-the-dates and stay tuned for more information on the following special Jubilee Year events:

  • Multi-Cultural Festivals on Aug. 28, St. Louis, 11am-7pm; and Sept. 11, Immaculate Conception-UC, 6pm-9pm, and St. Mary-Jackson, 11am-7pm.
  • Eucharistic Congress on Oct. 8, Renasant Center, Downtown Memphis, 6pm-9pm, and Oct. 9, Renasant Center, Downtown Memphis, 9am-6pm.
  • Anniversary Concerts on Nov. 7, St. Mary-Jackson, 4pm, and Nov. 12, the Cathedral, 7pm.
  • End of Anniversary Prayers during Solemnity of Christ the King Masses, Nov. 20-21, at all our 47 Parishes-Missions.


Please share this information, as the best disciples. Stay safe with many prayers–praying is powerful. God is great, always!


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