As the second day of Holy Week begins, let’s pause for a moment to share a very heartfelt thank you to all Parishioners in our 47 Parishes and Missions for contributing $100,000 to the Owensboro Diocese for many affected by the devastating tornadoes a few months ago in Western Kentucky.

The destruction seen in the aftermath of the tornadoes in that part of the State was overwhelming and our Parishes and Missions took up a Special Collection to help support one of our sister Diocese. Every dollar raised for the “2021 Owensboro Relief” was sent to the Owensboro Diocese to help relieve the suffering of families who have lost everything.

Again, thank you so much—and let’s continue our prayers. Also, may our Lord guide and protect all who are assisting in the recovery efforts.

Note: Our Provincial covers the states of Kentucky and Tennessee and is comprised of the following Dioceses: Kentucky – Archdiocese of Louisville, Diocese of Covington, Diocese of Lexington and Diocese of Owensboro and Tennessee – Diocese of Knoxville, Diocese of Nashville and Diocese of Memphis. God bless!

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