The following charts reflect spending for each parish for the fiscal year July 2019 through June 2020 which tie to the 2020 audited statements.  The different categories can be broadly defined as follows:
Salaries, Wages & Benefits are for all wages, taxes and benefits for employees.
Administrative & General are for insurance, telephones, postage, printing, advertising, etc.
Pastoral Expenses are for various ministries of the Parish such as Altar Guild, parish charity, music and liturgy, sanctuary and sacristy expenses.
Occupancy/Maint. Expenses are for utilities, household supplies, general maintenance and repairs, custodial, etc.
Technology is for computer related equipment.
Education/Academic is for religious education, vacation bible school, etc.
Diocesan Tax is the amount of Parish collections to fund the Chancery operations.
High School Assessment is the amount collected to help fund St. Benedict and Immaculate Conception High Schools.
Subsidy Expense is the amount of funding a Parish incurs to support its school.
Bank Debt & Interest are for expenses related to loans which the Parish owes on bank notes.
Note that there may be minor inconsistencies among the parish categories because individual entries are made by each Parish and may not always be categorized consistently across all parishes.
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