Pentecost Mass this Sunday at Historic Calvary Catholic Cemetery; Register Today

Fr. Val Handwerker and St. Patrick’s Church invites you to make plans to join together in an open space at the beautifully Historic Calvary Catholic Cemetery, 1663 Elvis Presley Boulevard for a Pentecost Mass this coming Sunday, May 31, beginning at 9:00am. Bishop David P. Talley will preside at the outdoor morning Mass. To attend, please register as soon as possible in Eventbrite at: StPatricksPentecostMass2020.

Here are a few points for the outdoor gathering at the culmination of our 50 days of Easter…
· Wear a mask
· Bring a lawn chair or blanket(s). We’ll have 60 chairs put out for those who do not have chairs.
· Wear Red. It’s Pentecost…and red symbolizes the fire of the Holy Spirit who ever longs to fire into a flame the gifts given to us in our baptism.
· There will be greeters when you turn into the Historic Calvary Catholic Cemetery. They will direct you where to park that is near to the site for Mass.
· Just like at Sunday Mass at St. Patrick’s, your temperature will be taken and you will be given hand sanitizer. Greeters will then direct you to the seating areas.
· Of course, we will carry out social distancing–being six feet away in all directions. Families who live in one place can sit together.

The Pentecost Mass at 9:00am on Sunday will be “streamed.” In order to get the streaming of the Mass to work, we will ask you before Mass to turn your cell phones to airplane mode or completely shut down.

Every year at sunrise on Easter morning there is a beautiful Mass at the Historic Calvary Catholic Cemetery. We’ve had as many as 1,400 people from across our Diocese at this very site. There’s plenty of beautiful lawn for all. We were not able to gather together in worship on Easter Sunday so we hope many of us will choose to come for the Pentecost Mass. In such an open space, we can feel safe.

This week, let’s pray that the Holy Spirit will surprise us, blessing us with the gifts we especially need in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. Fr. Val Handwerker and St. Patrick’s Church, will cancel the Mass at the Historic Calvary Catholic Cemetery, at least 24 hours in advance, if the weather does not look good. If you have any questions about the Pentecost Mass, please call 901-573-4002.

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