Pope Francis Announces Rosary Marathon for May

Pope Francis has called for a prayer marathon for the entire month of May, praying for the end to the pandemic. Starting today, May brings us together as people of faith and to offer our prayers for the healing of our sisters and brothers and to end the pandemic: RosaryMarathon.

Pope Francis is beginning and ending the month long prayer, starting with a recitation of the Rosary today, May 1, which was broadcasted from the Vatican, click the link to view: VaticanNews and ending with another Rosary broadcast on May 31 from the Vatican. Every other day during the month, the Vatican will livestream a recitation of the Rosary at 6pm Rome time (11am central) from one of 30 participating Marian shrines worldwide, click the link to view each day: VaticanNews.

It is the heartfelt desire of the Holy Father that May be dedicated to a prayer marathon with the theme, from the entire Church an unceasing prayer rises to God. The theme refers to the miraculous event recounted in the Acts of the Apostles (12:1-12) when all the Church prayed for Peter, who was imprisoned until God sent an angel to free him, illustrating how the Christian community comes together to pray in the face of danger and how the Lord listens and performs an unexpected miracle.


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