Save-the-Date for Diaconal and Presbyteral Ordinations and Solemn Vespers in May and June

God is great, always…and wonderful days are ahead for two of our Seminarians, Scott Bahrke and Gabe Bouck, on their Diaconal Ordination in May, and for two of our Deacons, Jonathan Perez and Casey Weber, on their Vespers and Presbyteral Ordination in June. Please read the following information on the dates, time, location, attendance, streaming and more.



·        Saturday, May 22, Ordination of Deacons, Cathedral at 10am, for Seminarians Scott Bahrke and Gabe Bouck

·        Friday, June 4, Solemn Vespers, Cathedral, 7pm, for Deacons Jonathan Perez and Casey Weber

·        Saturday, June 5, Ordination of Presbyters, Cathedral, 10am, for Deacons Jonathan Perez and Casey Weber



Usually everyone across our Catholic Diocese of Memphis is invited to attend the Ordinations, but similar to last year due to the COVID, only our Clergy, Deacons, Seminarians and invited Guests will be able to attend the Diaconal Ordination. As for Solemn Vespers, the public is invited to attend. However, the next day, for the Presbyteral Ordination, only our Priests, Ministers for the Ordination and invited Guests will be able to attend.



All parishioners and the public will be able to follow the Ordinations and Solemn Vespers via “live” stream on our Memphis Diocese’s Facebook, YouTube or Website (see below). The “live” feed will not start until five minutes before the events begin. All Worship Aids will be made available, too.


·       CatholicDioceseMemphisFacebook


·       CatholicDioceseMemphisYouTube


·       CatholicDioceseMemphisWebsite


One Church, One Family…

Please share this very special news and encourage all family members, friends and more to participate via “live” stream the Ordinations and Solemn Vespers, so that we may continue to come together as One Church, One Family (even if only virtual) to support and accompany Scott, Gabe, Deacon Jonathan and Deacon Casey on these very important days. Stay safe with many prayers!

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