Four-to-One Student-Teacher Ratio Allows for Traditional High School Experience, Diploma

 St. Benedict at Auburndale (SBA) high school, a Roman Catholic college preparatory school of the Diocese of Memphis known for its educational endeavors for a diverse body of students with myriad learning styles, has expanded its offering with the new For One Program, a highly-tailored high school experience with a four-to-one student-teacher ratio for students with intensive learning challenges.

The For One Program, patterned after the highly successful Learning Center Program (grades 1-8) at Holy Rosary Catholic Elementary School, and created by SBA with a group of parents seeking a better alternative for their children’s specialized learning needs, will provide a four-year high school curriculum and social experience, as well as a diploma, along with training and self-advocacy tutoring for post-secondary plans.

 “These parents have a personal passion to provide opportunities of achievement for students and their families who traditionally have to seek home schooling or alternative programs,” said Dr. Elizabeth Fischer, Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs at SBA and who currently serves as Director of Four One. “Many other specialized programs do not provide the same high school atmosphere and overall experience that kids without challenges receive. With our school’s passion and vision for excellence in the traditional classroom, these students will thrive in the ‘four-one’ setting while having the traditional high school experience.”

“We are thrilled to launch the For One Program and offer a level of instruction and guidance so that unique students can receive an equally individualized curriculum while enjoying the social aspects of high school—all with a foundation rooted in the Roman Catholic faith,” Dr. Fischer said. 

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