As our 15 Catholic Schools in West Tennessee continue to excel with the very best academics and religious development, please view another excellent video from our Supt. Nic Antoine, which is about the remarkable St. Paul Catholic School: SuptAntoineStPaul.


The St. Paul video was sent to all Catholic Schools Pastors, Principals, Religious, Teachers, Staff, Parents, Students and Diocese leaders. The video is also available on our Memphis Diocese’s FacebookSchoolWebpage.


St. Paul Catholic School, founded in 1948, is a Catholic Co-Educational Elementary School serving students from Pre-Kindergarten 3-Years Old to 8th Grade. Students experience strong academic growth through rigorous curriculum, including instruction in core academic subjects and daily religion classes. The programs also integrate art, music, health, technology and STEM. Students at all grade levels enrich their experiences by taking part in the camaraderie of sports, clubs and community service projects. St. Paul is committed to spiritual growth and development. Daily morning prayers are held in the gym and open to parents. Mass with students is celebrated once a week. In the 2nd Grade, the School prepares students for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist. In 8th Grade, the School prepares the students for the Sacrament of Confirmation. For more information, visit St. Paul Catholic School on Sunday, March 27, for our Open House from 1pm-3pm and go to their Website at: StPaulCatholicSchool.


Note: This is number 11 of 15 School Videos developed to promote our Catholic Schools in West Tennessee. Next up is the outstanding St. Louis Catholic School (rolling out later this month). In the videos, Supt. Antoine highlights the excellence in a Catholic School education and the unique programs in our Catholic Schools with the help of Pastors, Principals, Religious, Staff, Teachers, Parents and Students. ¡Adelante! Going Forward Together, On Mission…That All May Be One (John 17:21)!

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